Tre White remembers growing up and going home to a house with no electricity or running water. 

When he was a junior in high school, he made a promise to his mom that he would buy her a house and that she’d never have to work again.

Before White arrived at training camp, he fulfilled that promise.

“Still to this day when I woke up knowing my mom and my brother and sister are in a new crib. It just puts a smile on my face,” said White.

His mom worked in restaurants, a hotel and even dealt cards at a casino. All to make ends meet for Tre and his siblings. 

“She was always doing things. Sacrificing herself. Her own freedom to make sure we had school uniforms to go to school. To have shoes for school. Sometimes my mom washed our school uniforms in the sink and hung them up for the next day,” smiled White. “It’s times like that that make me buying a house so much sweeter.”

The Bills 1st round pick in 2017 was the first person in his family to graduate from college.

“Like I tell my mom pretty much every day I talk to her, everything I do from here on out is extra icing on the cake,” smiled White.

He posted a picture of the new house and who it was for on social media. White was blown away by the positive feedback, adding it drives him to do more for others.

“I got a lot of kids in my hometown that look up to me and that follow my story. They look at that as motivation to continue to do great things because, coming where I come from, there is not much positive going on,” added White.

Shreveport Louisiana, White’s hometown, has a poverty rate of 24.7%.

“You have to find that little light, so I try and be that motivating factor to those kids back home. I try and do the right thing and steer kids the right way,” smiled White.

When White ranks his accomplishments, he says, ‘No matter how many interceptions I get or how many games I win. Buying my mom a house will always be at the top of that list.”