Tyrod Taylor did not like getting benched, even if he understands there’s a business side to playing in the NFL. 

That business side requires the Bills to decide in two months whether to pick up an option on Taylor’s contract and pay him over 30 million dollars. 

Taylor said Monday he thinks he’s done his part. 

“I felt like I’ve done enough as far as my play to be the starter here,” Taylor said. “It wasn’t like I was outplayed. (The starting job) was just taken from me. And that decision came from them.”

“Them” was not clearly defined by Taylor. Neither did he agree with “them”.

“I didn’t see where it was fair that the opportunity was taken from me, but like I said, that’s above me,” Taylor said. “The decision was made. I had to live with it and support my guys.”

Moving forward, Taylor was asked if he thought the benching showed a lack of confidence. 

“That’s fair to say. That’s what I think it showed, but at the same time, the conversation wasn’t detailed enough to know if that was the case or not,” Taylor said. “Hopefully we can have that conversation this week. Maybe it’s today.”

Taylor did say Doug Whaley had a brief conversation about the benching and repeated it was a “business decision.”

He still didn’t like the way the move was handled.

“Definitely disappointed at how it went down. Definitely wasn’t the best move in my opinion,” Taylor said. “In this case, my opinion doesn’t matter.”

What he would like now is more communication. 

“Moreso the plan moving forward. Be clear. Let me know what the plan is going forward,” Taylor said. 

Taylor confirmed he’s getting a 2nd opinion on his injured groin Wednesday. 

There is an injury guarantee in his contract that forces the Bills to pay Taylor that 30 million if he’s not healthy. 

The guarantee isn’t a part of Taylor’s thinking. 

“I want to be healthy because I want to get back to attack the offseason as far as training and getting ready for the next season,” Taylor said. “I want to get the surgery out of the way. It’s not about the guarantee.” 

Taylor would like to return to Buffalo. He did leave the door open to possibly signing a re-structured contract, but it does not sound like that is any part of his current plan. 

“We’ll have to weigh those options when it happens. It may be a possibility down line.”

After six years in the NFL and having to prove himself every step of the way, no one is more qualified to discuss the realities of what comes next than Taylor.  

“I’m not a rookie,” he reminded with a smile, something he didn’t do much addressing the media on Monday.