Rex faces media firing squad

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Rex Ryan faced the music Wednesday. 

It was a screaming metal band. 

He wasn’t just grilled, he was flame broiled. 

(Is that worse? I think it’s worse… go with whatever is worse)

Ryan is squarely on the hot seat after a listless loss to the Steelers. There was a lengthy back and forth between reporters and Rex regarding his knowledge on Sunday about reports he could be fired. 

According to Ryan, that discussion has not come up with team ownership. 

“There are only two people whose opinion matters. That’s Kim and Terry Pegula,” Ryan said. 

The effort of his players was questioned Sunday and again Wednesday. Rex defended them and took the blame on himself. 

“There’s no doubt that we missed tackles. I think the effort is there. We saw it in the preparation throughout the week,” Ryan said. “This team never laid down. I didn’t adjust the way I probably should have. That’s how I look at it.”

“This is on me. That’s how I do it. It’s not a magic call… We have to put our players in a good position to be successful.”

Rex admitted the loss to the Steelers was an all-time “stinker” in his career and that he’s responsible for everything the Bills do on the field. 

“It’s tough. You think you’re making strides, but obviously it hasn’t been good enough,” Ryan said. 

That responsibility again involves making play-calls on defense, something that was coordinator Dennis Thurman’s job earlier in the season. 

Against the Steelers, Rex admitted they tried running things that had not been practiced to stem the tide of Pittsburgh’s run game. 

Next up is the 0-13 Browns. Rex was adamant his team will not overlook Cleveland and treat this week like any other game. 

“I think this team is going to play their butts off,” Ryan said. “We need to win so bad that it doesn’t matter who you’re up against.”

If only to turn the heat down a couple notches. 

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