Sean McDermott… it’s your turn. 

In actuality, McDermott’s turn probably started weeks ago. 

The Bills made it official Sunday morning firing Doug Whaley, making McDermott the latest to gain the Terry Pegula seal of approval. 

It doesn’t seem to take much to charm the Bills owner. 

Rex Ryan had Pegula right after the first interview. McDermott has done Ryan one better, persuading Pegula to hand over the keys to every door in the castle in a matter of weeks.

That speaks nothing of the churn over at the hockey team, where Pegula is on pace to change head coaches at a faster rate than George Steinbrenner changed managers with the Yankees (This isn’t hyperbole. It’s mathematically accurate).

Pegula said the decision to fire Whaley came in the 16 hours between the completion of the Bills draft and Sunday morning. 

This after a draft that he said “went well”. 

If Pegula wanted Whaley out originally, he would have been fired with Rex back in January. 

McDermott gave Pegula the googily eyes and that was it. McDermott is in charge and Whaley is out. 

And that happened long before the draft. 

There are two other head coaches who have de facto GM power: Bill Belichick and Andy Reid.  

McDermott will be the third, even though he has as many head coaching wins as you do. 

Sure, the Bills will hire a new GM soon. Pegula said Sunday McDermott will be the coach and the GM will be the GM.

Except McDermott already has a third job: team spokesman. 

He made it clear after the draft that won’t change anytime soon. “As long as I’m the coach, I (speak for the team).”

The Bills found out the hard way in December having a team spokesman that isn’t “privy” to team decisions doesn’t work. It’s not happening again. 

McDermott might be really smart. He might be the answer. 

For now, he’s just the latest shiny thing to catch Pegula’s eye.