If it were up to his family, Aaron Williams would be done playing in the NFL. 

“They give me their honest opinion,” Williams said with a smile. “They think it’s time to step away.”

Williams hasn’t made a final decision yet. 

“I can see where they’re coming from, but you can’t stop what you’re heart is telling you to do,” he said. 

The Bills veteran safety was emotional addressing the media Monday. For the first time, he says those emotions weren’t intensely negative. 

“Before I hated talking to you guys,” Williams said. “But now, it’s something I’m going to miss.”

Williams said doctors have cleared him to play again, but as he pointed out, they also cleared him last year. 

“What happens if I play next year and I get the same hit? Will I be here talking to you (next year)? Will I be walking?” he said. 

Williams still thinks he can be an impact player. He still thinks he can help the team and the city get where it wants to go. 

He still loves the game. He still loves his teammates and his coaches. 

He still doesn’t know how he will decide.

“I don’t sleep. My mind runs a million miles an hour thinking about what I’m going to do,” Williams said. “I’m going to take my time with this.”

There are no hard feelings towards Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry, who delivered the hit that ended Williams’ season this year. 

Williams called the hit “somewhat dirty”. 

“But at same time, guy’s playing football,” Williams said. “Could have have handled it different? Absolutely.”

There have been no apologies and Williams isn’t expecting one. 

“He hasn’t talked to me and he doesn’t need to,” he said. 

Williams will be talking with Bills management soon. He wants to know when the team needs a decision on his future. 

At that point, he’ll put the wishes of his family and his fear of what may happen against his desire to keep doing something he loves.