When LeSean McCoy watches film, the extreme edges of his game tend to soften. 

Even after rushing for only nine yards in Carolina, this was still true. 

“It’s never as bad as you thought, never as good as you thought,” McCoy said Wednesday. 

The Bills still realize their ground game was anywhere in the area code of good Sunday. No doubt, the Panthers talented defense was a sizable factor. 

Tyrod Taylor said there has been discussion about what the Bills are comfortable doing in the run game. Those things should work, regardless the opponent. 

“We have to be able to execute against multiple looks,” Taylor said. “That’s want makes our run game great. We don’t need certain look to execute.”

Taylor also doesn’t think the Panthers have written the book on how to stop the Bills. 

Carolina certainly overplayed the run and often stacked the box with defenders. It’s something McCoy has seen plenty, even before he got to Buffalo. 

“In this league, you gotta deal with it,” McCoy said. “I would love to go small box, with guys playing off. Every back would. You just gotta play.” 

Any issues with the new offensive scheme under Rick Dennison were downplayed Wednesday. McCoy said his reads and keys are the same. 

Sean McDermott pointed out that the Bills controlled the Jets for over 200 yards rushing in week one (yeah, we know… it was the Jets).

“This is one game. That’s life sometimes in the NFL,” McDermott said. 

Bills receivers have caught only 11 passes for 149 yards in two games. If they were one individual receiver, that “player” would rank 10th among receivers in catches and 7th in yards. 

It would seem like more success passing on the outside would help the run game. McCoy disagrees.

“Doesn’t matter who’s on outside. Defenses come here and their main goal is to stop the run,” McCoy said. “We have the guys outside to make plays. It’s a matter of doing it.”

McCoy made it clear he thinks Taylor is still the right man for the job at quarterback.  

“He gets blamed for everything,” McCoy said. “Tyrod is a hell of a player. Without him, we’d have no shot.”

Whatever the problem is, it will cost McCoy money if it continues. He reportedly had 2.5 million dollars in incentives added to his contract just before the season. 

He said the deal had been in the works before Sammy Watkins was traded to Los Angeles and was not in anticipation of being the bellcow for the Bills offense.  

“I just want the loot, baby,” McCoy joked. It’s nice to have some things to chase and strive for along with wins.”

And another reason to enjoy watching that film.