Danny Crossman said it was weird seeing his name as the only one on the coaches tackboard. 

The Bills special teams coach was the only assistant to survive the purge of Rex Ryan’s coaching staff. 

In fact, Sean McDermott is the third Bills head coach to employ Crossman. 

He’s impressed with the unity among the McDermott group. 

“If you talk members of the staff they will tell you we have a single vision of what this should be,” Crossman said. 

The Bills media got their first chance to chat with the three Bills coordinators Thursday. It was also the first Bills team day open to the media without McDermott coming to the microphone. 

Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison was complimentary of quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The two worked together in 2014 with the Ravens before both moved on the next season: Taylor to Buffalo and Dennison to Denver.

“I was impressed with Tyrod’s work ethic and prep going all the way back to our days in Baltimore together,” Dennison said. 

The Bills new OC also worked with backup quarterback T.J. Yates when both were in Houston. Dennison is comfortable with what the possible Bills #2 can do. 

LeSean McCoy is someone Dennison had to marvel at from afar. He called McCoy someone who can excel in any scheme. 

Behind McCoy, Dennison says the Bills will count on Jonathan Williams and Cedric O’Neal at running back after the departure of Mike Gillislee to New England. 

Using the running game is a priority, especially in the northeast. 

“I love a balanced approach,” Dennison said. “But we’re playing in the AFC East and bad weather so I know we need to run the ball.”

Sammy Watkins will be a spectator most of the offseason. The Bills are doing what they can with him for now. 
“We ask Sammy questions and give him mental reps since he isn’t ready to practice,” Dennison said. “Make sure he’s up to speed for when he is ready.”
This is Dennison’s first chance to work with McDermott. Like Crossman, the first impression is favorable.
“McDermott is very open with taking suggestions from coaching staff,” Dennison said. “The learning curve on the staff is coming along.”
Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier knows he’s dealing with a defensive group that wasn’t afraid to voice its opinion of Rex Ryan’s scheme. No grudges will be held. 

“We came in with the approach that history is history,” Frazier said. “We’re not dwelling on what happened in the past.”

On paper, it doesn’t seem like the Bills have linebackers to fit what McDermott likes to do on defense.

Especially after McDermott said before the draft the two most talented all around backers–Preston Brown and Reggie Ragland–both were slotted into the same position, forcing one to be a backup.

Frazier thinks the Bills can get both Ragland and Brown on the field together and their stable of linebackers will work just fine in McDermott’s 4-3. He admitted depth charts this time of year are very fluid.

Frazier was also highly complimentary of Marcell Dareus. He’s only missed one meeting and that was voluntary. 

“He has bought into everything we’ve asked him to do,” Frazier said.

Frazier said the Bills did a lot of work on Tre’Davious White pre-draft. The first round cornerback has not disappointed so far. 

White and free agent pickup Micah Hyde are both being considered in the return game according to Crossman. Both were fielding punts on Thursday. 

On the other end of that play, Crossman said Colton Schmidt is in a battle with rookie Austin Rehkow to be the Bills punter. Rehkow also has the ability to kickoff. 

Crossman is thankful he still gets to have a major say in who does the kicking in Buffalo after three head coaches in four seasons. 

“I’m fortunate to still be here,” Crossman said. 

The Bills are hoping that coach board stays full with the same names for a lot longer this time.