Zay Jones dove for a pass Sunday against the Chiefs and got up in a way he says he does all the time and since high school. 

It seemed like he was defying the laws of gravity. Jones says the only thing different about this move is it was caught on camera. 

“I had no idea it was on social media like that, and then everyone was texting and calling me like ‘you, you’re going viral right now,’ and I was like ‘for what? What did I do?’” Jones said. “Then, I saw it, and I don’t know, it was pretty crazy.”

Video of the move has been retweeted on Zay’s feed alone over 5,000 times.

Athletes being athletes, lots of the Bills just had to try and replicate Zay’s superpower Wednesday.

Most with little success.

“Several teammates have asked me (to teach it to them), and have tried to attempt it,” Jones said. “Dion Dawkins tried and failed miserably, it was pretty funny.”

“I have core strength,” Dawkins says while rubbing his sizable offensive linemen’s gut. “But it’s a different type of core strength.”

Jones says the whole team is having fun with it and Tre’Davious White is one of the best at it. He seemed to make a pretty successful run at it in the locker room. 

“I almost did it earlier. I’ve been practicing,” White said. “But Zay? He’s from another planet. I don’t know how he does that. Honestly, when I first saw the video, I thought they rewind it. I didn’t know he really did it.”

“It was cool,” Dawkins said. “It was different and Zay’s different. So, we expect that from him.”

Jones has done the move all throughout his high school and college career. No one does it better. 

“It’s really not that complicated of a move. I just think it’s cool way to be an athlete,” he said. 

Jones says he usually does the move in pregame warmups, so you can see it in person Sunday if you’re in Orchard Park before the Bills host the Patriots.

 He joked he might have to trademark the move. “I’m enjoying it. It’s fun.”