The Browns had eight tries from inside the two yard line.

The Bills stopped them all.

Granted, there were two pass interference penalties that helped. However, that could have just been good strategy.

The Browns opened the game with a dominating six play, 75 yard touchdown drive. they reached the Bills one yard line in just eight plays on the next drive.

From there, the Bills just smothered Cleveland’s offense. To recap:

–Jordan Poyer hooked Odell Beckham to break up a pass and earn a flag

–Nick Chubb was swarmed for a loss of one on a sweep right

–Chubb was stopped by Lorenzo Alexander on an inside pitch

–Tre White broke up another to Beckham by interfering

–Jordan Poyer and Tremaine Edmunds stuffed an off tackle run by Chubb

–White made a great play to knock away a fade throw to Beckham

–Edmunds and Poyer teamed again to stop a delay handoff up the middle

–The Bills again surrounded Chubb on the same pitch play from the second try of this sequence to finally get off the field on fourth down.

“I’ve been a part of some cool goal line stands, some tough defenses, but I don’t think I’ve gone a full two series on the two yard line,” Trent Murphy said. “That was awesome. I’ll remember that forever.”

Some of the preparation that went into the goal line success was from scouting the Cleveland… media.

“They ran the same play a couple times,” Jerry Hughes said. “We kinda felt like they wanted to get Odell the ball. The media’s been pressing them on getting Odell the ball. Tre (White) did a phenomenal job out there.”

Jordan Poyer was surprised when he was told the sequence lasted as long as eight plays. He called it “crazy.”

“That just shows the type of guys we have,” Tremaine Edmunds said. “Guys that have that fight in them. Guys that don’t give up. I tip my hat off to everybody out there.”

The only lament from the Bills defensive players was that the stand did not come in a win.

Someday, the winner and loser of this game could get lost in the annals of NFL history.

However, no one is going to forget Buffalo’s eight play goal line stand.