ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Two new laws in New York will make changes to current election procedures. One will allow people to register to vote closer to election day, moving the deadline from 25 days before an election to 10 days before an election.

The Board of Elections in Monroe County says that this rule is designed to make it easier for people to vote, but adds that it will make their job more difficult, as there will be less time to process the new registrants.

But they add despite this change and others to make registering and voting easier, turnout continues to be a struggle.

“I think that turnout is still a challenge, even with all of the opportunities that have been provided,” said said Monroe County Democratic Commissioner Jackie Ortiz. “And you obviously see that more clearly in primaries, but turnout is still pretty low. For as much as we are trying to do, I’m not sure if it’s moving the needle enough quite yet.”

The other clarifies a rule regarding how candidates appear on a ballot. The new law signed by Governor Kathy Hochul now says that candidates cannot appear on the ballot as an “independent” or as “independence,” that is with an “I” next to their name.

“Many in the past have chosen the name ‘independent’ or ‘independence,’ if you will, which is confusing… Up until a year ago, there was an officially constituted Independence Party,” Ortiz said.

The Independence Party became no longer constituted in new york when the party failed to garner enough votes in 2020 and was officially disaffiliated in 2021.

In Monroe County, people who are not registered with a party are called “blanks” by the board of elections.

“So this really kind of assists in eliminating confusion, regardless what happens in the future here,” said Monroe County Republican Commissioner Lisa Nicolay.

Both commissioners say that even though you can register to vote closer to an election than ever before in New York, you should still register to vote as soon as possible.