ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Kodak Center hosted a Republican gubernatorial debate Tuesday evening. The four main speakers were Andrew Giuliani, Harry Wilson, Rob Astorino, and Congressman Lee Zeldin, all vying for the spot of Republican Candidate for Governor to take on Governor Kathy Hochul this November. The event was televised and hosted by NewsMax, and drew a large crowd both in and out of the theater.

At many points it was Giuliani, Wilson and Astorino circling the wagons around Lee Zeldin. All at certain times attacked each other’s records — seeing who is more of a liberal Republican versus a more conservative Republican — but above it came down to who is best suited to defeat Governor Hochul.

Many topics were hit hard — the biggest talking points tonight were record crime, liberal district attorneys not enforcing the laws, tossing out aspects of bail reform, record inflation, high taxes, the mass migration out of New York State, job creation, school curriculum, and preserving the second amendment.

“To me this is something that is very close to my heart. I grew up seeing truly a change a transformation in New York. I also worked four years for President Trump in the White House where I saw an incredible change in our country. I know we can do the same kind of things if we bring that leadership to Albany,” Andrew Giuliani, GOP Candidate for Governor, said to News 8.

“We will focus in our turnaround plan we will get three things done in our first year. We will cut taxes both property taxes and income taxes 20 percent. We will cut the cost of living driven by Albany regulations — the combination of those two things will put $5,000 into the pockets of middle-class families,” Harry Wilson, GOP Candidate for Governor, said to News 8.

“One of the ways we can help revitalize local economies to create jobs, we should reverse the state’s ban on the safe extraction of natural gas. It’s important for the Southern Tier. It’s important for other counties that want it,” said Congressman Lee Zeldin during the debate.

“People are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. They’re scared, they’re nervous, they can’t afford things… danger lurks around the corner, and criminals are being coddled. And they’re being told to shut up if they don’t agree. So, that’s why I say this is going to be the revenge of the normal people,” said Rob Astorino, GOP Candidate for Governor to News 8.

The primary day is Tuesday, June 28.