BUFFALO, N.Y. (WROC/WIVB) — Although absentee ballots won’t begin to be calculated for another week at the earliest, Republican Chris Jacobs declared victory over Democrat Nate McMurray in the NY-27 congressional special election.

“It’s mathematically impossible for him [McMurray] to catch up to us with the absentees, and so we are happy to say, we are announcing that we are victorious in the special election,” Jacobs told his supporters late Tuesday night.

Jacobs added that he hopes McMurray is “honest with himself” and doesn’t wait to concede.

At last count around midnight, Jacobs was leading the field with 69% of the vote while McMurray trailed with 29% of the vote. However, these tallies aren’t the full picture as thousands of absentee ballots won’t begin to be calculated until June 30.

*100% precincts reported does not include the forthcoming absentee ballot tally.

McMurray released a statement shortly after midnight saying that he would not be conceding until the absentee ballots were counted:

“How can you declare victory before the ballots are counted?” McMurray said in a statement. “There are more ballots still out there, uncounted, than people that voted in-person today. As we have always said, we will fight for every single vote. Chris always wanted to be crowned. The coronation will have to wait. They had to bring the whole Trump family into this to help drag him across the finish line. He can peacock. We will talk in two weeks.”

Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in absentee ballots in Western New York:

Jacobs and McMurray were just two of a handful of candidates are vying for the opportunity to fill the spot in Congress vacated by Chris Collins.

This past October, Collins pleaded guilty to insider trading charges. Hours before his plea, the Republican resigned from his position as representative for New York’s 27th District.

He is scheduled to report to prison in August.

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On the ballot in the race for NY-27 include Jacobs, McMurray (D), Duane Whitmer (L) and Michael Gammariello (G).

The special election will not only determine who will represent NY-27 through the summer and fall. Another election will determine whose name will be on the Republican line during the regular election for NY-27 in November.

Jacobs is also running in this primary, against Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw and former Darien Town Justice Beth Parlato. Mychajliw conceded late Tuesday after Jacobs posted a formidable lead:

*100% precincts reported does not include the forthcoming absentee ballot tally.

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