CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Republican Congressman Tom Reed says he’s “seriously considering” running for Governor in 2022.

Congressman Reed was asked on Fox News about a prospective run on Sunday morning, saying that a decision will be made “sooner rather than later” and that he needs to discuss the potential campaign with his family.

“We are seriously considering it. I’ve been asked by many people to do this for months because I think they appreciate the way I govern. Not governing by arrogance, bullying like Governor Cuomo does, but trying to bring people together as a proud Republican.”

Reed repeatedly cited “one party control” being an issue in Albany and saying that he’s talked to people across the state about the impact of “one party control under Democratic party control”

“People are getting sick of it. I’ve been in the Bronx, I’ve been in Harlem, I’ve been inside the inner cities of New York City, I will tell you, they’re saying that the extreme policies of Albany are killing their communities. They do not like this one party control and I agree with them. And if I’m that voice that can take on the Governor I will put my work ethic, I will put on my Republican ideology that I believe in, but I’m open to be challenged and to inspire people to do it better for New York.”

Reed has been a constant critic of Governor Andrew Cuomo in recent years, lately over the state’s handling of COVID-19 positive hospital patients being transferred into nursing homes.

“Make no mistake – Gov. Cuomo’s COVID Cover-Up is not a political issue – it’s a human issue. Today’s revelation that he is now attacking his own party members who refuse to go along with his schemes is proof of that. We’re not driving the story – we’re just pushing for the truth. We will continue to do so until justice is served for the souls who were lost due to his March 2020 order which sent known COVID-19 positive patients to nursing homes with healthy, non-positive seniors in residence, killing 15,000.”

In 2020 Reed was elected to his fourth term in Congress representing the 23rd Congressional District, receiving 181,060 (57.7 percent) over Democrat Tracy Mitrano in a rematch of their 2018 race.

Reed is also up for re-election in Congress in 2022, but has not publicly declared whether he will run for a fifth term. While in Congress Reed has served on the Ways and Means Committee and chairs the Problem Solvers Caucus.

Prior to being elected to Congress in 2010 Reed served as the Mayor of Corning and is a graduate of Horseheads High School and Alfred University.

18 News has reached out and is awaiting comment from Congressman Reed.