ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Another debate was held Friday for the 25th congressional district between Congressman Joe Morelle and his challenger La’Ron Singletary in downtown Rochester, hosted by WXXI.

When it came to opening statements and top concerns, Congressman Morelle started off with reproductive rights.

“Across the nation, extremists are waging an assault on women, by denying them the fundamental right to reproductive care. Which is why I’m fighting to enact federal protections,” said Morelle.

In his opening, Singletary hit on crime. “Last year, we saw 81 homicides and 419 people shot. This year, we have 68 homicides and over 300 people shot,” said Singletary.

Morelle says the voters will decide what issues they think are the most important. Alongside abortion, he said the economy and inflation are major factors. 

“There’s no question that rising costs that families face and what we can continue to do to bring down those costs is important,” said Morelle. He said he’s fought to lower costs for things like prescription drugs and helped pass legislation to remedy inflation.

Singletary says Democrats alone are to blame for 40-year-high inflation. 

“So what we need to do is make sure that we stop the (federal) spending,” Said Singletary, who also referenced Washington printing off money and flooding the economy.

And like Singletary, Morelle said crime is another major player. He wants commonsense gun legislation and military-grade weapons off the streets. Singletary says whatever laws are passed, the criminals killing people won’t follow them. 

“What you and Kathy Hochul want to do is make law-abiding citizens criminals,” said Singletary.

Gas prices —and how to lower them— another issue. Morelle says the US is energy independent. “The problem is oil companies make the decisions on the distribution of resources around the world,” said Morelle.

Morelle added oil companies are making record profits, and transitioning to green energy is key.

Singletary says we are not energy independent any longer. “How can we be energy independent when we are relying on other countries and negotiating with other countries— to include our enemies?” he asked.

Also touched on was immigration, to which both agreed Republicans and Democrats need to sit down and come up with a better system, and for tightening up the southern border. Both men also agreed on another thing: America is the greatest nation on Earth. 

Early voting starts on Saturday and Election Day is November 8th. You can watch the full debate here.