ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Democratic Monroe County legislators appointed Jacklyn Ortiz as Elections Commissioner Thursday morning. Acting Commissioner Lashana Boose was occupying the post prior to Ortiz’s appointment.

Ortiz announced her candidacy in early July, but the Democratic legislators were going back and forth on her appointment since she announced her candidacy.

In early August, Monroe County Democratic Legislators Yversha Roman (D-26), Linda Hasman (D-23) and Rachel Barnhart (D-21) issued a statement calling on Monroe County Legislature President Dr. Joe Carbone to hold a special meeting to confirm and appoint Ortiz.

“Jacklyn Ortiz won an election on July 25 with 87% of the vote of Monroe County Democratic Committee members. Yet we are still waiting for her appointment to come before the full legislature. In contrast, the Republican Elections Commissioner, Lisa Nicolay, was confirmed during a special meeting as a matter of urgency.

We need a guarantee, in writing, that the legislature will vote on this appointment as soon as possible. President Carbone did not place the appointment on the agenda at our last legislature meeting on July 30 because Minority Leader, Vince Felder (D-22), refused to make the request.”

About two weeks ago, judge urged the Monroe County Legislature to vote to appoint a new Board of Elections commissioner.

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Dave Garretson, former MCDC chair, was involved in getting Rochester City Council Member Jackie Ortiz recommended. Garretson attended a hearing last week where a judge urged the legislature to vote.

“No more stalling, and no more excuses. Make the appointment, or don’t, but have the vote.  Do it right away, schedule a special session and do it. We cannot afford to wait any longer, a big election is coming.”

Petitioner Nick Coffee also had words, saying, “With fewer than 90 days left to organize an election, Ms. Ortiz is faced with a gargantuan task.  Further delay only serves to increase the likelihood that local voters will be denied their right to have elections competently executed.”

On the flip side, Democratic Minority Leader Vince Felder is calling the process behind the appointment of a board of elections commissioner unfair, and says he wants it re-done, while other democrats are saying the process was done the right way.