ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — For a number of political races, we’re waiting with bated breath on the counting to wrap up. “So, that’s what democracy is about. We don’t always get what we want, but we certainly should have the right to have our say,” says Timothy Kneeland, political science professor at Nazareth College.

When it comes to the White House, he says in certain states, if the win/lose is one percent or less, an automatic recount is possible. Other states might get tied up in special court orders. 

“In Michigan, the President has asked for an injunction because they’re not allowing people to observe the counting of the ballots,” he says.

Kneeland adds there might be lawsuits in Pennsylvania surrounding that, as well as challenges in Arizona. But Kneeland says what President Donald Trump is doing is nothing new, and it’s legal. 

“This is a tactic that politicians have used for many years. Even Barack Obama,” he says.

Locally, the County Board of Elections said another 4,016 ballots were received Tuesday via ballot boxes, as well as through the mail Wednesday.  To date, 97,001 of the 136,625 ballots sent have been returned. Absentee ballots won’t begin to tally up though until November 16th. Kneeland explains the delay.

“First, you have to make sure that those ballots are not spoiled by the fact that somebody sent in a ballot, but then came in and voted anyway.”

Postal markings also need to be checked, then they’ll be opened and counted. “I think that’s actually fair, and ensures the integrity of the election is maintained,” he says.

Kneeland says either way, on both a local and national level, we’ll know who wins what in time for all results to be certified in December. “But in the end, we’ll have a president in time for January 20th, we’ll have a Congress for January 1st, and all of this will be taken care of.”

Kneeland says whoever wins in Monroe County or in Washington, it’s time to unify. “We need to come together, and we need to work together to find solutions to the problems that are real: Economic problems, the problem of the pandemic, social injustice that we see in our communities,” he says.