ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Following a Wednesday morning press conference explaining Tuesday night’s delays in reporting election results, Republican candidate La’Ron Singeltary has conceded the election. This comes after an initial call late Tuesday for investigations into the “unprecedented irregularities.”

He offered winner Joe Morelle his “sincere and heart-felt congratulations.”

While the results were accepted, Singeltary’s campaign attorney declared his disappointment in the communication and rollout hiccups.

“I’m extremely disappointed in the BOE, and with [Republican] Commissioner [Lisa Polito] Nicolay in particular,” campagin attorney Dan Strollo said. “Her repeated refusal to work transparently and cooperatively with the candidates and their campaigns is totally unacceptable.”

Nicolay, who stated in the conference that she voted for Singletary, explained the delays alongside Democratic commissioner Jackie Ortiz.

See Singletary’s full concession statement:

Congressional Candidate La’Ron Singletary, today has conceded the election for the NY-25 Congressional District and has called Congressman Joe Morelle to extend a sincere and heart-felt congratulations. Mr. Singletary’s decision to concede the race was made after the Monroe County Board of Elections provided information detailing the results of the election.  

Mr. Singletary would like to thank all his staff, supporters, volunteers, and first-time voters for their dedication and sacrifice. 


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congressman and democrat Joe Morelle has declared victory in the hotly contested 25th congressional district.

But Republican nominee La’Ron Singletary isn’t on the same page.

Congressman Morelle said he never experienced an election night like 2022’s, with technical difficulties severely delaying county election results. But, he added he’s ready to embark on a third term and continue his work for New Yorkers.

“I always feel a great deal of anxiety when you’re a candidate — and frankly, I’m always humbled that people are willing to allow me to serve this amazing community in Washington as I did when they allowed me to represent them in Albany,” Morelle said. “I’m just really grateful for people’s support, and I’m going to obviously redouble my efforts to continue to work on lowering costs for Americans, and people in our community, reducing the violence, and creating jobs and economic opportunity for everyone.”

Morelle also thanked his opponent and said he is looking forward to working together.

Singletary, the former chief of the Rochester Police Department, issued the following statement through his campaign early Wednesday morning.

Congressional Candidate La’Ron Singletary, tonight has called for an investigation into unprecedented irregularities in our election process. Throughout the evening, several issues came into question regarding the validity of ballots and how they were accounted for and recorded. Until every ballot is accounted for and recorded appropriately, this congressional race is far from over. Every vote should be counted and every voice should be heard.

“Any time there’s a delay or any time there’s an irregularity it raises the specter of impropriety,” Daniel Strollo, La’Ron Singletary’s campaign attorney, said late Tuesday night. “We’re not accusing anybody of that right now, but certainly, we’re monitoring it very closely.”

Morelle has held the seat since 2018.

New York’s 25th congressional district was redrawn this year, alongside many other congressional and Senate districts. States are required to revisit these boundaries every ten years, following the census.

For the next two years, the winner of the 25th congressional district race will represent the following region, covering Monroe and part of Orleans county: