PENN YAN, N.Y. (WROC) – The Yates County Sheriff’s Office said it’s received complaints from residents who have received telephone calls from different scammers.

YCSO said some of the calls had someone identifying as an agent for the Social Security Administration and advises that your account number has been fraudulently used and they’ll have to issue a new one, and the “agent” asks the person on the other line to verify their name, current number, etc.

The other kind of scam call the YCSO has been notified of is a caller identifying themselves as a representative from NYS Electric and Gas and says they will be forced to shut off your power if you don’t make a payment immediately. The scammer also asks for the caller’s credit card number.

YCSO said social security does not make phone calls like this nor does the NYSE&G.

It’s advised that callers never give out your personal identification information or credit card number over the phone or make payments this way.

YCSO said to also never give out social security or bank account numbers over the phone or internet.

“It is best to immediately hang up,” Sheriff Ron Spike said.

Spike added that if you become a victim, report the crime incident to local law enforcement.

The DO NOT CALL registry still exists and people are able to make a free call to 888-382-1222 or