WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Xerox is using its own technology to help health care professionals and lend a helping hand to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally making printers, toner, and other office equipment, the Xerox manufacturing facility in Webster is now helping out by making much-needed tools for doctors and nurses.

First, Xerox has partnered with Hickey Freeman to produce medical-grade face masks to donate to Rochester Regional Health. Xerox is re-purposing printer filters to add an additional layer of protection to a standard mask, which they are calling a “Surgical Mask on Steroids”. 10,000 masks were donated to Rochester Regional Health today.

Xerox is also working with Vortran Medical Technology, a company in California, to create disposable ventilators. The ventilators are not for use in ICU’s but can be used in transportation or for patients who no longer need an ICU-level ventilator.

“Always, Xerox sees our civic responsibilities as very important to our brand and the way we kind of make every decision every single day,” says Mary Fromm, Vice President of Manufacturing. “But never before, I think, has it been so clear how to use our capabilities and our talents to apply them to this civic crisis that they’re in.”

The ventilators will be ready to be shipped out in May and Xerox is already looking for more ways to make other equipment, such as face shields.