This year’s National Women’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony is set for Saturday, September 14 in Seneca Falls.

Dr. Sujatha Ramanujan, Chair for the National Women’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, discussed the Class of 2019 and the common bond they share Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“We are coming up on the one-hundredth anniversary of the women’s right to vote, a movement that emerged in Seneca Falls, and we’re moving into our new facility in the mill,” Ramanujan said of this year’s milestone celebration.

The Class of 2019 is diverse and extraordinary. Ramanujan listed the honorees. “We begin with Gloria Allred – the attorney and activist. We have Angela Davis – activist and professor, Sarah Deer – she’s a professor, a lawyer and advocate for Native American women, Jane Fonda – actress and activist, Nicole Malachowski – U.S. Air Force Colonel and pilot, Rose O’Neill – illustrator and suffragette, Louise Slaughter – our own Congresswoman, Sonia Sotomayor – Supreme Court Justice, Laurie Siegel – the composer, Diane von Furstenberg – the designer and philanthropist, and Flossie Wong-Staal – the scientist. And we have Gretchen Carlson coming in to emcee this event.”

Ramanujan said the Hall of Famers share a common trait. “They are all women who found their voice and now are helping other women and other people find their voice.”

Nominations come from the general public and are sent to an outside judging committee of experts in their field. The committee then comes back to the Hall of Fame and presents its recommendations.

Limited tickets remain for the induction ceremony. Act quickly by calling (315) 946-1695, or use this link online.