Whiteouts and winds: what you need to know going into Thursday


ONTARIO, NY (WROC-TV) Wednesday night had howling winds and blowing drifts of snow along Route 104 south of Lake Ontario. Captain Aaron Thompson of the Ontario Fire Department is asking the community for one big favor.

“Make sure you’re clearing the fire hydrants of snow, or anything that might be blocking it, so if there’s a fire we can get to it,” says Thompson.

AAA driving instructor Gary Caldwell says Wednesday night and into Thursday, slow down. He says in this weather, we might be used to it, but don’t underestimate mother nature.

“People get cocky because maybe they’ve got a four-wheel drive vehicle, and they can figure they can stop, turn quicker,” he says.

Hitting the streets and neighborhoods off of Route 104, we found Dean Beh of Gordon Beh Excavating, who has been plowing snow for 40 years. He says he loves nothing about snow plowing, but he’s out, sprinkling layers of salt down now as he plows the white stuff away.

Jessica Liming was clearing her driveway the manual way, the shovel scraping the black top. As a resident south of the Lake Ontario, she’s ready for any punch winter can pack. “We’re as ready as we’re going to be,” she says.

A father and son were stopping at the Ontario Bill Gray’s, the white out conditions too much to take. They decided hot cheeseburgers and a warm booth were in order.  “And then (the snow squalls) went away. It completely went away and then it came back,” says the father.

For conditions like this, Thompson says to keep a small shovel in your car in case you get buried, also, keep extra hats and gloves in the car. For Thursday morning’s commute, “Keep a good distance between vehicles in this weather. You want to make sure you double or triple your travel time as well,” says Thompson.

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