ARLINGTON, T.X. (WIVB) — When the Dallas Cowboys beat the Indianapolis Colts 54-19 on Sunday, it was the 1,074th instance of Scorigami in NFL history. But what is Scorigami?

The concept was developed by sportswriter Jon Bois, with Dave Mattingly creating the website and official chart for the phenomenon. Scorigami, simply, is when an NFL football game ends with a score that has never happened before.

The Scorigami Twitter account provides live updates, complete with percentages of the final score ending in a unique set of numbers. Mattingly’s site provides a detailed look at every score in NFL history, and how many times each score has happened, with an option to toggle different statistics of the Scorigami chart.

On the site, Mattingly also linked a 2016 video from Bois, in which he discusses every score ever and describes the concept of Scorigami.

The Buffalo Bills’ most recent Scorigami victory was against the Miami Dolphins on Jan. 3, 2021, winning by a score of 56-26 — still the only instance of that final score occurring.

The Bills’ latest Scorigami loss came on Nov. 22, 2021, falling to the Colts, 41-15. Their 2020 42-16 loss against the Tennessee Titans was also a Scorigami game. Both remain the scores’ only NFL occurrences.

The Cowboys-Colts game from Sunday night was the second instance of Scorigami this season, the first being the Seattle Seahawks’ 48-45 victory over the Detroit Lions in Week 4.