‘We’ve been very distraught’: Family of fatal hit and run victim looking for answers


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A family is looking for answers, after 54 year old Bryan Calzaretta was killed in a hit and run Sunday night.  

The incident took place downtown in the area of Brown and Broad Street.

Calzaretta’s sister Jill Bopp says she hasn’t been able to properly grieve this loss because she has too many unanswered questions:

Who was the person that hit him? Why would they abandon him in the middle of the road, fighting for his life?

Tonight, she’s begging that suspect to come forward.

“We’ve been very, very distraught over the whole situation,” said Bopp.

She described getting the call that night. Doctors at the hospital informed her that her brother was in the hospital for internal bleeding, from an accident.

The full story wasn’t clear until a few days later. Bop got in touch with Calzaretta’s friend, who was with him that night.

“That was the first time we started to put everything together,” she said.

She learned it was a hit and run. His friend, saying they were in the middle of collecting cans in the streets when it happened.

Calzaretta was a member of the homeless community.

“He would trade them in for money, and buy food for the other homeless he was living with,” Bopp said.

She said he loved collecting cans, liked keeping the community clean, and wanted to be able to feed other homeless residents.

Now she’s left with this image: “Someone just leaving him in the road to die, nobody deserves that,” said Bop.

She fears the suspect saw her brother as if his life didn’t matter… But it did. He was homeless, but touched many lives, was a father, and loved helping others.

“No matter what his life choices were, or our relationship with him, nobody deserves that,” said Bopp.

Police say the investigation is progressing, but it is still ongoing. They’re say they’re working on connecting Bopp with the investigator for more information as this develops.

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