WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — You may remember Allen Iglesia from Webster. He has a severe feeding disorder, meaning he can only eat three foods. One of those was Wegmans potato bread. When Wegmans announced it would stop selling it, the community rallied together to collect as many loaves as they could.

On Tuesday, Allen and his family sat down with the Wegmans bakery team. The vice president of bakery wanted to help Allen find a new bread that he can eat and enjoy, once the stash of Wegmans brand bread is gone.

Allen’s parents said they didn’t know what to expect from today’s meeting.

“They brought out four different breads, we only tried one because he was kind of under pressure to eat,” said Allen’s father, Gerard Iglesia.

The one brand he tried, he liked.

“The Martin’s potato bread we were surprised, actually, that he picked up on that one immediately. That’s the one that he really likes,” said his mother, Karen Iglesia.

“I gotta admit it does look the same but it has a teensy-tiny bit of a taste difference that I’ll get used to,” said Allen about the new bread.

“When he went through therapy it took him one month to eat a gummy bear so for him to eat potato bread that quickly, I was surprised,” said Gerard.

“He said it’s harder to swallow than the current one but you have to understand he’s been eating the Wegmans potato bread for 13 years so any type of change, its gonna take a while for him to get used to,” said Karen.

His brother, Anthony, has watched Allen eat the same bread all these years. Anthony said he’s proud of the progress his brother has made.

“He’s come a long way throughout this process just finding what’s right for him and being accepting and open to trying new things is more than a big accomplishment for his big brother,” Anthony said.

The Iglesia family said they’re so grateful to the community and Wegmans for giving them so much support during this time. They have enough donated bread to last them a few months and make the transition to the new brand easier.

The Iglesia family said they received 500 loaves of Wegmans potato bread after we aired this story a few weeks ago. People all around the area are storing it for them and they said it should last through the school year.