ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A ceremony was held to honor the many servicemembers who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attacks on Wednesday — the 81st anniversary of the bombings.

The ceremony was held at the Rochester Yacht Club and began with an opening prayer from Connie Corwin, the 7th District Chaplain of the New York American Legion, before a speech from Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.

After the speech, members from the Navy and Coast Guard took a wreathe and placed it into the water as a moment of silence and a salute was held. The ceremony concluded with TAPs and a performance of God Bless America sung by Claudia Hoyser

Navy veteran Greg Cody, who also organized the event, explained the significance of the ceremony and why it’s important to remember the events of that day.

“I think things like this teaches the youth something important. I’m only 50, but I feel like patriotism is important to keep alive,” said Cody. “I feel like history is so important because it creates who we are and it gives us the freedoms that we have.”