HONEOYE, N.Y. (WROC) — When former Sergeant Judy Judy served in the Army and the Army Reserves in the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was a different world for women in uniform. 

“They thought that I didn’t have a brain in my head,” says Judy.

She worked in administration and supply, and had a range of supervisors. Some who she described as “good old boys” who used her for menial tasks and pushed the envelope. “(It would depend) on who was my boss,” says Judy.

But some fair-minded commanders along the way helped to “dress down” those giving Judy grief.  “(They’d say) You’re only using her to get coffee, and get drinks and order food? That’s going to be a problem.”

Judy says her toughness and self-reliant spirit to get through the service came from her father, retired Technical Sergeant Richard Lucas. 

“I’m 97. I’ll be 98 in November,” says Lucas.

Lucas is an Army and Air Force veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. He primarily taught aviation mechanics and weaponry during those conflicts. 

“Well, somebody had to do it,” says Lucas laughing.

For a veteran of three wars, Lucas says his daughter’s military journey, and paving the way for women, continues to inspire him. Judy says even in today’s modern environment, continued progress for women in uniform is still needed.  

“Giving them a voice. Treating them like they have a mind and (not just a) body. I think they have to because there’s so many more coming in.”

Judy takes part in a number of local female-oriented veteran groups, hoping to encourage more dialogue and awareness for women in the military.  To find out more on some of these programs, contact your nearest Veterans Affairs, or the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester.