ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Men and women who fought for our country were honored Friday night, as part of the Veterans Outreach Center’s Stars and Stripes celebration.

Our very own John Kucko served as the emcee.

The VOC’s executive director, Laura Stradley, says their shelter serves dozens of veterans in our area all year, a handful of whom were in attendance Friday, some sharing their stories.

Stradley says November is an all-around special month for veterans.

“As a veteran myself, we celebrate veterans day, then we celebrate Thanksgiving, and to me they go hand-in-hand,” Stradley said. “It’s a season to be thankful, and to just reflect on every blessing that we have. Many of them are certainly provided by our defenders of freedom.”

Stradley also says renovations have been in the works for their homeless shelter all year long. She says their new facility will be unveiled by January.