ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Transportation Security Administration says it’s ready to screen about 30 million passengers across the country this Thanksgiving travel season, which kicked off on November 17.

The season is meant to run until November 28 but there are three days expected to surpass them all— The Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving TSA anticipates screening over five million people and nearly three million travelers on the Sunday after Thanksgiving when people are headed back home. But flights are already full.

“We came straight from Orlando on a non-stop and every seat was full,” said Joseph Fiorica, who flew to Greater Rochester International Airport from Orlando, Florida. Other travelers had the same experience. “I had two flights so I had a layover in Baltimore and both flights were completely full,” said Amanda Thompson who flew in from Hartford, Connecticut.

But even with so many people traveling it sounds like TSA is running efficiently and getting folks to their flights as as fast as possible.

“Our TSA process was easy, we got to the airport on-time, it was busy but they were efficient,” said Mike Torgerson who flew to Rochester from Dallas, Texas with his son Henry.

“It was pretty fast through Hartford,” said Thompson “it’s a small airport so I was in and out of there in no time.”

However, to get through security smoothly TSA has a few tips:

  • Pack smart by starting with empty bags- Passengers who start with an empty bag while packing are less likely to bring prohibited items through the checkpoint.
  • Bring acceptable ID- Before heading to the airport, travelers must make sure they have acceptable identification and have it out in the screening lane.
  • Arrive two hours before your flight- Remember, the airport will be busy this week, so TSA recommends arriving two hours prior to your scheduled flight.
  • Travel with a firearm properly- Travel with a firearm properly by packing it in a hard-sided, locked case in your checked bag and declare it with the airline when checking in.

TSA requests that people show gratitude to frontline workers by thanking a TSA officer, a gate agent, a flight attendant or someone who serves on the transportation frontlines.