ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — For some small business owners, Thanksgiving starts around 3 a.m. — or earlier.

A few bakeries and restaurants in the area opened their doors on Thanksgiving.

We spoke to some small-business owners about what motivates them to get up extra early on a day when many are sleeping in, and they said it’s not all about the money.

At Brody’s on The Bay in Webster, Head Chef Austin Miller said they prepared six turkeys to kick off the day, with more in the oven. Brody’s on the Bay has been open for a year and a half.

“Probably 50 pounds of potatoes, dang near 20 pounds of squash and sweet potatoes,” said Miller.

Miller says this feast is what Brody Spade would’ve wanted. 

The owner named the restaurant in honor of 18 year old Brody Spade, whose life was cut short due to a car wreck in 2020.

“We decided to open for Thanksgiving because my mother would always have everyone over for Thanksgiving. And that’s what Brody would want, all of us to bring people in,” said Brandon Harris, Executive Chef and Owner of Brody’s on the Bay. “Give thanks to them, for supporting us through all the other seasons.”

Also open for Thanksgiving, was Savastano’s Bakery and Pizzeria on Spencerport Road in Rochester. Savastano’s, has been in business for 40+ years.

Customers said they came out for last-minute table items, and even snacks to hold them over until the actual meal.

“We come over to get some garlic cheese bread, to go along with dinner, when all the family gets together,” said customer Don Dzialo.

Owners Alexis Couture and George Savastano started prepping at 2 a.m.

“You sit there, and you count the orders, and you prepare all night, you let it come out fresh and it takes hours to get it ready,” said Couture.

“We’ll provide the bread for them, the pies, stuff like that, we also do stuffed breads,” said Savastano.

Whatever your plans were for the special day – local business owners, like the ones we spoke to, say they want to help for the next holiday.

Some, are already preparing to do it all again tomorrow.

“Oh yeah we’ll be open tomorrow,” said Savastano.

“We just want to thank all our staff for all their hard work, especially this week with thanksgiving,” said a staff member at Brody’s.

Many small businesses also had the Bills game on the TV. Another way, to bring people together and get in the holiday spirit.