ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — When it comes to the holiday weekend, airport officials have two things on their mind: weather and turnout.

While crowds aren’t expected to be as big as Thanksgiving, you should still expect lines long enough to pack your patience.

That’s Andy Moore’s recommendation, director of Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport.

He’s also preparing for colder temperatures resulting in icy conditions.

“We make sure that our air-field team is ready for any weather coming, I’ve met with them this morning, I’ll meet with them again tomorrow,” he said. “We’ll make sure any staffing and equipment is ready to go.”

Moore said these winter conditions are nothing new, and you shouldn’t worry. “We do this every winter, we win national awards for ice and snow removal, preparations on the airfield,” he said.

You should, however, check-in with your airline on your own time, and make sure all your connecting flights and departures are on schedule.

“But also take a look at what’s happening at your destination,” said Moore. “We may have great weather here in Rochester, but we can’t control what Detroit or Chicago does, we can’t control what the three airports in New York City do.”

“I’ve had my fingers crossed for the last, probably month, because I’ve been worried about the weather,” said Eileen Rivello, who’s flying out to Salt Lake City to see family.

“They’ve had snow out there for the last month, so I’m really anxious to get out there and get to see them and everything,” she said.

Rivello said she planned to leave earlier than normal, to beat any weather conditions.

Moore said many airlines are also offering waivers, if travelers want to change or amend plans.

Moore said he’s expecting anywhere between 38-42 departures a day heading towards the weekend.