ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — President Joe Biden gave updates Thursday on the increase in unidentified objects shot down in U.S. Airspace in the past couple of weeks. Prompting local astrophysics experts to explain what they could be and why we’re seeing more of them.  

Ever since the Chinese Spy Balloon was shot down for potentially surveying military bases and other top-secret locations, the U.S Government adjusted its radar systems to track spy aircraft. But in the process, they might have also picked up our own flying objects.  

In a public appearance Thursday, President Biden announced the latest UFOs shot down over Lake Huron, Alaska, and Canada so far doesn’t appear to have ties to the Chinese but was low enough to threaten commercial flight and unsure if they posed a threat to national security.   

“I’ve directed my NASA security advisor to lead a government-wide effort to make sure we’re in position to deal with safely and effectively the objects in our airspace,” President Biden said.  

In the wake of the Chinese managing to fly a spy balloon into U.S. airspace undetected, the military and other agencies enhanced their radar systems to pick up more flying objects moving too low or slow to be tracked before. Experts in astrophysics believe this only highlights civilian activity.  

“There’s amateurs who put things up there as people who are interested in weather,” University of Rochester Astrophysics Professor Adam Frank explained. “There are universities who do this kind of thing, there are companies that do this kind of thing, so there’s a variety of things that are floating that don’t have propulsion.”  

University of Rochester Professor Frank emphasized in official terms, UFO simply means an unidentified object, and all detected are manmade with little chance of being extraterrestrial.  

“If they can cross interstellar distances and are able to survive the savages of interstellar space and then can be taken down by the equivalence of a bottle rocket any missal,” Professor Frank continued. “We have for them a firecracker and you’re telling me that’s what’s going to drop them out of the sky. It doesn’t make any sense.” 

President Biden’s plan to quickly pick up undetected objects in the future includes establishing a better inventory of unmanned objects in space above the United States. Plus, updating rules and regulations for launching and maintaining unmanned objects in our Aerospace. And implement further measures to detect UFOs.