ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Jury deliberations will continue for the third day Thursday in the trial for Anthony Love, the Rochester man accused of murdering and physically abusing a 3-year-old child in July of 2020.

Love is charged with first-degree manslaughter and second degree murder.

Officials say the defendant was acting as a caregiver to 3-year old child Kei’mere Marshall between July 1 and July 11 of 2020, and lived with the little boy in Rochester.

A criminal complaint alleges Marshall received a lot of physical abuse, resulting in a ruptured spleen and pelvic fractures. Marshall was hospitalized for three days, but his injuries allegedly caused him to lose a lot of blood and go into cardiac arrest.

Prosecution says it’s been a long week so far for this jury. Assistant District Attorney Sarah Vanstrydonck says you can never predict what’s going on behind those doors during the deliberation process.

Prosecution says the jury is paying special attention to the definition of murder in the second degree. Vanstrydonck says it has a lengthier definition than what people are used to hearing in high profile cases, which would be intentional murder.

“A lot of the stuff we hear in there is heartbreaking to see,” said Deaire Phillips, Marshall’s Godmom.

Phillips spoke on the nerves of waiting for jury deliberations.

“You could think like, ‘oh yeah they think he’s guilty,’ and then it be something totally different. I just want to say, like this trial has opened a wound we have yet to close,” she said.

Investigators said Marshall was found to have multiple injuries before his death on July 14.

Investigators later said Love “subjected Marshall to physical abuse that resulted in the victim sustaining serious physical injuries.” He was on parole for a 2016 robbery conviction at the time of his arrest.

The jury will be back for deliberations Thursday morning.

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