ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN)–Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day.

“States all across the country are encouraging voters to get registered before upcoming fall elections,” explained Kathleen McGrath, Director of Public Information for the New York State Board of Elections.

New York is no different. If you’d like to sign up to vote, there are some qualifications such as:

-Being a U.S. citizen,

-Being 18 years old (16 & 17 to pre-register)

-You are a resident of the state, county, city, or village for 30 days before the election.

One way to register is by filling out information on the state board of election’s portal.

“You can also register in person at your county board, or at a number of New York State Agencies— where we have agency based registration,” said McGrath. “They can register at the DMV. You can fill out a form and mail it in…”

In order to cast your ballot in this year’s General Election on November 7th , your county board of elections must have your application by October 28th.

“A lot of local offices are up in this year, and as we move into next year, we’ll have a presidential primary in the state, we’ll have state and local primaries, and then we will also have the general election next November, so lots of opportunities to vote throughout 2024.”

Erica Smitka, Deputy and Legislative Director for the League of women voters said in a Democracy everyone has a voice.

“That’s what we want,” said Smitka. “For each and every person to go out and use their vote and let their voice be heard.”

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