ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – Police are investigating new surveillance video, amid two reported ‘smash-and-grabs’, from Tuesday night.

Criminals have been targeting local businesses like Comedy at the Carlson and Record Archive.

Both, are within a mile of each other.

Rochester Police said it’s possible the two break-ins are related, but nothing is confirmed.

On Wednesday, RPD told News 8 they’re investigating another incident from that night, down the street — around the same time frame.

A Village Gate business owner shared security footage of individuals ramming a car into the back of his building, apparently smashing an ATM.

Remnants of the ATM are still left behind at the property.

And speaking of ATM’s, police said an ATM was one of the item’s stolen from Comedy at the Carlson that night.

It’s not confirmed if the ATM in the security footage is the same one that was reported stolen.

“Clearly it seems the two break-ins, Comedy at the Carlson and Record Archive are related – they’re only about 15 minutes apart, similar mo,” said Bello.

But, he said it’s too soon to assume. No connection is confirmed yet, as the investigation is ongoing.

Bello said the security footage of the ATM is under investigation.

Gene Smith owns that part of the building for his business Flower City Studios. He said the criminals also left behind orders of takeout.

“It’s not a great thing to wake up to at 4 in the morning,” said Smith. “And a few days prior, there was another incident where they [unknown suspects] dumped another robbery, cash drawer, and then a few days prior to that there was another one all in the back.”

Smith is worried more businesses could be targeted, but Bello said there are things you can do to stay secure.

“The best thing you can do, beyond securing your property, is lighting and cameras,” said Bello. “Keeping your video surveillance up to date, to modern technology, all the HD cameras available out there.”        

Owners at the Carlson location tell News 8 a cell phone was left behind at the crime scene as well. You can read the full story and watch the report at this link.