ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In Afghanistan, hundreds are fleeing the country as the Taliban takes control of the second and third largest cities in Afghanistan.

President Biden announced on Saturday 5,000 troops will be deployed to help get U.S personnel, and Afghans who assisted in the mission out of the country.

As the US plans to withdraw from Afghanistan, families are worried for their safety with the Taliban making more and more gains. One local man with family there spoke to News 8.

Sayed Zacariah Hossiny moved over from Afghanistan in 2020. His brother and father did not; they’re currently in Herat.

Hossiny shared shocking video from his brother showing what was left of his home, after a bombing from the Taliban.

“My brother is not safe, it’s not safe,” he said.

The video shows his brother walking around a demolished home, with his two children.

Hossiny says he doesn’t know what’s next for them.

Hossiny says he feels safe here. Local organization Keeping Our Promise was able to connect him with a job, a car, and a home for his wife and two kids. “They help with everything in home, dishes, food,” he said.

He wants the same for his brother, who still working through paperwork to move over. Hossiny says this can take a lot of time.

Meanwhile the Taliban is making major advances in Herat – where his family is.

The Pentagon announced it’s sending more troops to help draw down the American Embassy and remove personnel from Afghanistan.

“Troop movements that we mentioned yesterday are happening as we speak. Three battalions are preparing to move from their current locations in the Central Command area of responsibility to Kabul,” said John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary.