ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The discussion of gas stoves ignited in the last week, after a federal appointee introduced a hypothetical ban on the appliance. 

While no ban is actually under way, News 8 turned to a public policy professor from RIT to explain the significance behind the trending topic. 

Dr. Eric Hittinger teaches at RIT, and has been following this subject closely – after a consumer public safety commissioner made the statement that public gas stoves could potentially be banned. 

Dr. Hittinger says thorough research needed before any ban could take place, including probable evidence, he says, that the appliances cause noticeable damage to public health.

“To some degree, I think it was taking a comment from a peripheral person in the government and taking it a little bit out of hand. I think about that in terms of an ‘if,’ if there was provable evidence that gas stoves are causing noticeable damage to people’s health. Then, I suppose, the government could step in, but I don’t think we’re anywhere near that point these days. I don’t know that people need to be rushing out and throwing their gas stove to the curb either,” said Dr. Hittinger. 

Earlier this week, the chair of the U.S. consumer product safety commission made a statement, saying the commission has no plans to ban gas stoves – adding the commission is exploring new ways to address potential health risks from them.