RUSHVILLE, N.Y. (WROC) — As the only bank in Rushville prepares to close its doors, village residents are saying many there will be left behind or forced to do banking online. It’s something folks are concerned about, particularly for those who do not have ready access to technology. 

Rushville resident Heidi Catlin runs ‘Rushco,’ one of a handful of shops in the village. She says Community Bank, N.A. closing this location will leave a demand. 

“Not everybody does their banking online and a lot of people like to be with… people,” she said.

Catlin says those less tech-savvy are at risk of being left out. “There’s a lot of the Mennonite community… it’s something that’s needed,” she said.

Jennifer Forgue runs the Federal Hallow Staples Store near the bank. She says Mennonites here mostly rely on horse and buggy for transportation. If they want to bank, the nearest branches are 10 to 12 miles away.

“We worry about them traveling to Penn Yan or Canandaigua. We already have the signs for (others) to drive safely and this is just going to put them at risk even more,” said Forgue.

The bank says with over 200 locations, they are happy to help customers at neighboring locations or online, with e-banking tools being free to use.  

Even for 20-something Michael Payne, who you’d think does everything online — think again.  

“It’s a pain in the butt to go all the way to Canandaigua or Geneva just to go to an office,” he said.

Kathy Kotowicz said a petition was signed by many in this village to keep the bank open. “I believe the mayor of Rushville took it from here, and he was working hard,” she said.

Ross Liddiard has used Community since 1975. He says this is a trend —and in time— don’t ‘bank on’ institutions like this sticking around.  “The personal bank is leaving. It’s gone,” he said.

Rushville is not alone in this. Other branches are closing in April, including one in Clifton Springs. Community Bank, N.A. is due to officially close on April 28th in Rushville. 

Full statement from Community Bank, N.A.

“Community Bank N.A. has announced plans to permanently close our Rushville branch located at 1 Main Street effective Friday, April 28, 2023. It is not a choice that we made lightly; however, we see this change as the best way to efficiently provide services to our customers. With over 200 customer facilities, we will be happy to help our customers with their banking needs at any neighboring Community Bank location, including our nearby branches in Canandaigua and Penn Yan. Customers also have our digital tools and telephone banking options available, which allow customers to bank from anywhere, anytime. Our FREE online and mobile banking tools provide 24/7 digital account access and the ability to open accounts, apply for loans, prequalify for mortgages,  transfer funds, deposit checks, check account balances and activity, pay bills and more. Customers will continue to receive the same knowledgeable and friendly service they are accustomed to as all impacted employees will transfer to nearby branches. We’re extremely grateful for the ability to serve the Rushville community and look forward to continuing to assist our Rushville customers with their banking needs through our digital platforms and from nearby branch locations.”

Hal Wentworth, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking