ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Jennie Schaff will take over as the CEO for the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation in January.

Schaff discussed her vision for the Foundation moving forward Monday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“I’m finishing up my time as CEO of Jewish Family Services in Rochester,” Schaff said. “This 100-year-old social service agency that I’ve had the opportunity to spearhead for the past three and a half years has really given me quite an opportunity to really see the ongoing and excessive needs in our very own community here. I couldn’t be more pleased and excited to have this opportunity to build upon the incredible work of my predecessor Holli Budd, the staff up there, and the Board of Trustees, and really take the foundation to its next phase on this incredible journey.”

Schaff said the Farash Charitable Foundation works daily to recognize different needs in our community. “We identify ways in which the Foundation can use its dollars in impactful and meaningful ways — in ways in which we trust, empower, and engage those different grantees as well as ones who have yet to even come to the Foundation. We’re really trying to have a significant impact in our community of such needs. We’re fortunate to do so through our entrepreneurial founders Max and Marian Farash, really taking their legacy to another level in recognizing that we have the ability to have a tremendous impact.”

When asked about the biggest challenges presently facing our community, Schaff said, “Sadly I feel like this list is quite endless. I would say that one challenge that really stands out to me is education in Rochester and what we’re going to do to help address the inequities that we see on a day to day basis – if you will, the tale of two cities that exists in Rochester and its surrounding areas.”

“That, to me, stands out as one of our highest needs — is really trying to figure out innovative, creative, and meaningful ways to address what we’re seeing and recognizing that there has been so much that has been tried and lots of meaningful attempts and efforts but still we remain with a crisis on our hands,” Schaff said. “So I would say education is at the forefront of the needs that I see.”

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