ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Macedon’s police chief released a statement Thursday addressing the incident that led to his decision to go on voluntary unpaid leave.

That incident happening on December 10th of last year.

Chief Fabian Rivera said in his statement that he takes full responsibility for his actions that day — actions he says put responding officers in a difficult position.

The statement did not get into the details of that incident, but did note he’s battling demons like many veterans.

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As Chief of Police for the Town of Macedon, I will take full responsibility for and accountability for my actions on December 10, 2022. I want to thank Town of Macedon Supervisor Kim Leonard and members of the Town Board for their unwavering support. I also want to thank the members of the Macedon Police Department and local law enforcement leaders for standing by me as I face these challenges. I want to acknowledge the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for its professionalism; my actions put responding officers in a difficult position.

I don’t face these challenges alone; I have the support of family and friends and the staff at the VA Clinic in Rochester. With that being said, I battle demons like many veterans; just because I wear stars on my collar doesn’t take away the mental health issues that I deal with.

I am addressing these issues, breaking the stigma attached to veteran mental health within law enforcement. If this incident is a catalyst to assist other officers or veterans, I can’t be ashamed or embarrassed, and I need to continue to be a servant and leader.

Fabian Rivera