Husband urges people to seek medical help after sudden loss of wife: ‘She was my best friend’

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Just before Foster Johnson met his wife LaPorsha, he said he’d been praying for a family.

“I met her on my birthday in church. We were friends for awhile, started dating, but there was something about her, I told her when we first started dating I told her that, ‘I’m gonna marry you, you know that you’re not going anywhere right?’ She thought it was hilarious like, ‘oh whatever,'” Foster said.

The couple celebrated their five year wedding anniversary this September. Meanwhile, they were still dealing with the aftermath of being rear-ended back in May. LaPorsha had been going to physical therapy since then.

In October, she started experiencing shoulder and back pain and assumed it was still aftermath from the accident. On October 4, she couldn’t sleep through the night.

“Around 4 in the morning she told me to get up she thought she was having a heart attack, I called an ambulance,” Foster said of that night. “Last time I saw her was right there and then.”

Foster said his wife’s aorta ruptured and she was bleeding out. They tried surgery, but it was too late. Foster is now a single dad raising three children ages three, 13, and 18. What he’ll miss most about LaPorsha is just talking to her.

“She was my best friend, we did everything together.”

He encourages anyone who feels something might be wrong medically to act on it as soon as possible.

“Don’t take it for granted. If you have a chest pain get it checked out, if you have a cough get it checked out. It’s not worth saying, ‘oh its nothing’ and getting really sick.”

Foster said LaPorsha was put into his life for a reason and he knows exactly how to honor her memory.

“It’s like God knew she would need somebody to be here for her kids and he knew I longed for a family and he made us meet that very next day it was awesome. That’s the kind of stuff I sit and think about.”

Foster’s sister set up a GoFundMe for the family to cover current and future expenses.

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