Power is still disconnected at the Canalside Mobile Home Park in Lyons, and with temperatures climbing into the 90’s, that has some residents worried.

Melissa Lehr lives in the Canalside Mobile Home Park with her three children. Without power, she has no ability to run a fan.

Their trailer has gotten so hot, that Lehr had to send her sons to a relative’s house for the week. She says the situation is worse for those who have nowhere to go.

“If they have relatives, they’re going to stay with them. Some people called the Red Cross and got told they couldn’t be helped. Other people are trying to borrow a generator. It’s definitely turned our world upside down in that crazy little trailer park,” said Melissa Lehr, a resident of Canalside Mobile Home Park.

Power to the park was shut off by New York State Gas and Electric last Thursday, after a request from the Town of Lyons Code Enforcement.
The town cited safety concerns and code violations.

Exposed wiring and frayed lines can be seen surrounding the 25 to 30 trailers.

The land is owned by Phil Provenzano. He tells News 8 previous owners failed to fix many of the problems at the park, but that he is taking action now.

In a text message, he told us quote “I am diligently working on this every second…each tenant has been offered to stay in a hotel and or stay at one of my other properties. Everybody has declined.”

Lehr says she never received that offer. Meantime, she has signed another lease at the mobile park, but she wants the owner to take full responsibility to make the property safe.

“I kinda wanna cry at some point, I wanna yell at somebody. I want the person to take action and be responsible for what they’re supposed to,” said Lehr.