FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) – The Village of Fairport is planning a redesign for Liftbridge Lane East. Village officials said the purpose, is to ease congestion and make it safer for bicyclists.

As part of the project, several parking spots would be removed, and some relocated. The goal is to create wider lanes, add two bike lanes, and create crosswalks for pedestrians.

27 on-street parking spaces will be removed on this strip.

But 20+ spots will be added onto the back of Fairport Electric Operations.

Fairport Mayor Julie Domaratz said the end result will look desirable to residents and visitors, potentially increasing real-estate values. The village is working with BME Associates, also situated on Liftbridge Lane East.

Domaratz recognizes some are opposed to the redesign.

That includes Chris Casa, owner of The Box Factory.

Casa said this project could create congestion in private lots, like the one outside Box Factory. Casa oversees about 65 tenants in the suite, and fears this could hurt foot traffic for businesses.

“We do have quite a few bikers, especially in the summer time,” said Casa. “But, there’s way more cars, with people inside those cars, that won’t be able to get to some of the businesses.”

Casa expressed concern for elderly customers who have trouble parking and walking.

“In the summer time it’s [parking] a little bit like Christmas time at the mall,” he said.

“Not everybody has a car,” said Domaratz. “Some people bike, some people walk, some have cars and in that same vain – I’m committed to make Fairport the most walkable community in New York State. This ties in very closely with that.”

Domaratz said the project uses some money from a state grant, and it was board-approved in September of 2022.

She says the on-street parking East of Parker Street (near residential areas) will remain.

Domaratz said there is no traffic study at this time.

Residents tell News 8 they plan on expressing their thoughts publicly at Monday’s village board meeting. We’ll have a crew there, and plan to bring you the latest on News 8 at 11.