ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As we celebrate Women’s History Month, students over at Edison Tech had their first “Women and Wrenches” day Thursday. It was put on by the school’s Career and Technical Education team.

Students had the opportunity to work with women in automotive technology, machining, engineering, and welding. One student tells us it’s important to her that she has someone to look up to who does exactly this kind of work.

“I’m happy to see women who weld,” Providence said. “It makes me really excited. Most of the time in the welding field you only see men welding. People call it a men’s job, but when we see women who weld come in to our school it motivates us to also wanna be a welder and see what we can do because welding is not only for men. Women can do it too.”

Each female professional also had experience at either a government agency, educational institution or business.