CLYDE N.Y. (WROC) – Following an alleged assault that happened at the Clyde-Savannah School District involving four male minors against a football teammate, parents were determined to get more information on what is being done at the school and also what actually took place.

But Police and the district have been tight-lipped about the situation due to the investigation being ongoing.

Parents thinking that for sure they would get to at least voice their concerns tonight but that wasn’t the case.

Debbie Marchitell who is a grandmother says she came to hear what safety measures are going to be put in place for the students in the school.

She says after learning about the alleged assault, it broke her heart.

“I cried. It’s sad. That poor child is going to live with this for the rest of his life and I hope he can get through this. I hope he doesn’t see this as something that’s going to define him. He is not what happened to him. He’s more than that,” she said.

Diane Meehan has grandchildren that attend the school district, and she had questions about other things in addition to the assault. None of her questions were answered.

“Where was the supervision? When I was in school you had supervisors, you didn’t just go do your own thing,” said Meehan.

Clyde Savannah senior Jayda Jones who knows two out of the four boys involved, says she wanted to find out more about what’s going on and says she wasn’t surprised that the public wasn’t allowed to speak at tonight’s meeting.

she says when she heard about the alleged assault, it took her by surprise.

“It is different because I never thought they would do something like that and its disappointing to a point but it’s like you know they’re kids. Kids are going to be kids and they’re boys. They were roughhousing at they just took it too far,” said Jones.

After the refusal of public comment was announced the meeting ended.

Two out of four of the teens have scheduled court appearance Thursday morning.