Chili teen with chronic pain condition needs $80,000 treatment, community steps in to help

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CHILI, N.Y. (WROC) — 16-year-old Olivia Glidden loves playing sports. During a soccer game on July 2, 2019 she was kicked in the leg and her life changed forever.

“My daughter played soccer, she played basketball, she was top in her scoring, things like that and now she can’t play, she can’t run, her life has changed and she’s only 16,” said her mom, Jennifer Glidden.

Jennifer said the kick caused a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. Instead of the kick causing a bump on the outside of her leg, it went inward and crushed her nerves.

Jennifer said they’ve tried treatments with pain specialists which led to more issues. Olivia has 22 doctors and each day is unpredictable. Her mom said she’s constantly in pain.

“Her foot, it doesn’t know how to deal with sensations now, so in the winter she had to wear six socks on one foot and her foot was still cold. Her foot basically is freezing all the time, it is cold, it’ll turn purple, it’ll turn grey,” Jennifer said. “She might have a good day and people will see her and be like, ‘oh she’s healed,’ but it’s not like that, she might just be having a good day.”

Jennifer said there aren’t any CRPS specialists in the state, so Olivia has been accepted to a clinic in New Jersey to do a 4-6 week intensive therapy program.

It’s $80,000 and not covered by insurance.

Jennifer says they started a GoFundMe and held a spaghetti dinner last month. They’ve raised $14,000 so far.

This Sunday, June 13 they’re holding a chicken BBQ to raise more. She said they’ve sold 200 dinners so far and their goal is 500.

“We’re willing to do whatever, we just want to be able to put in the work for it, we don’t want just handouts we want to be able to give something back as well,” Jennifer said. “I have faith that the $80,000 is going to be provided.”

She says her daughter is a warrior and won’t give up on this fight.

“She doesn’t want to just sit still, she wants to go to culinary school for college, she graduates next year from high school, so she has dreams.”

The chicken BBQ is Sunday, June 13 from 4 to 7 p.m. in the parking lot of Ace Swim and Leisure in Chili. All tickets are pre-sale and anyone can text Olivia to 585-222-9233 to get tickets.

There’s also a silent auction happening now on Facebook. There are 60 to 70 donated items to bid on, and winners can pick up their prizes at the BBQ on Sunday.

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