The impossible burger: Is it a healthier alternative?


ROCHERSTER, NY – (WROC) – If you are a vegan or a vegetarian you probably already know about the impossible burger. It looks and some say taste like a real hamburger. But it is made from plants.

We wanted to know if the impossible burger is a healthier alternative to beef. That’s the question a lot of people are asking.

The meatless burger is a mixture of vegetable proteins and fat. It also contains the root of soybean plants. We are told that is what gives it a beefy taste.

But is it a healthier meal? Dr. Thomas Campbell says it is too soon to tell.

“It is clearly not a health food,” said Campbell, University of Rochester medical director of weight management and lifestyle center. “But it is also potentially better than a beef burger but we don’t know for sure. The other factors or wins for the plant based burger. “

The impossible burger or the impossible whopper at Burger King has the same number of calories as the traditional whopper. They both have similar amounts of fat and protein. But the impossible whopper is higher in sodium than it’s meatier counterpart.

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