Hackers talking to people through Ring home security cameras

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An unwelcome voice talking to a homeowner through their Ring camera device is something that’s been happening around the country.

Tammy, who didn’t want to share her last name, said when she heard a voice and realized someone had hacked into her Ring device, she turned it towards the wall.

“I knew he was tapping into this camera, I knew he was tapping into the bedroom camera, so it became a little bit overwhelming for a few minutes,” Tammy said.

In another instance, someone hacked into a camera in a girl’s bedroom and encouraged her to wreck her room and repeat a racial slur. Ring cameras can be useful tools to keep your home safe but the recent hackings around the country have some people worried.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy Brendan Hurley said Ring cameras and the app that goes with them are helpful in solving local crime. He also said they’re helpful tools for criminals.

“In the video that I saw, the person was talking to the person through their Ring device and obviously I would immediately disconnect everything, shut down the Wifi, whatever you have to do to disable it and then before turning it all back on I would go in and reset everything, change all your passwords,” Hurley said.

Hurley said people shouldn’t shy away from using these devices, just be careful and vigilant. He said passwords should include upper and lower case letters, symbols, numbers, and be difficult to decipher. Using two-factor authentication on the Ring app can also add another layer of protection.

In a statement to CBS, Ring said:

“Unfortunately when the same username and password is reused on multiple services it’s possible for bad actors to gain access to many accounts.”

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