ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Over 500 innovators, IT Experts, educators and students gathered at this year’s Roc on Tech conference in downtown Rochester.

The headliner, Apple Co-founder and Silicon Valley icon Steve Wozniak engaged participants for nearly an hour as he answered questions about his past and discussed the future of technology.

He also spoke to News 8 about one of his pet peeves. “I’ve gotten so disturbed by tech being too complicated and every time there’s an upgrade I just shutter,” said the engineer.

The inventor of Apple 1 and Apple 2 says like many of us, change bothers him.

Wozniak admits he prefers old school paper for some things, such as his speaking schedule. Wozniak spoke to a sold out crowd Wednesday at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

During the event sponsored by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce he was asked about his greatest accomplishments both professionally and personally.

During his one on one interview, Wozniak explained that the lessons his dad taught him about honesty prevents him from ever wanting to be a business man.

“When we started Apple 1, I turned down the big money at first because I didn’t want to be running a company. That’s not my thing,” he said. “Its kind of political like taking sides and vying for positions.” He encouraged the participants, young and old, to find something they’re passionate about and design good products and services always with the consumer in mind.

Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy says Rochester has a lot to offer and bringing Wozniak back to Western New York helps to emphasize that.

An impressive line up of national and local IT experts, leaders in cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurs also underscored Duffy’s message during the day long event.

Duffy says there’s so much untapped talent in this area and part of the goal of Wednesday’s conference was to highlight ways tech companies plan to educate students — especially those in underserved areas so they can gain access to a successful career in the ever changing and growing tech industry.