ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN)— More students are applying to SUNY Schools for the Fall 2023 semester. The State University of New York said the number increased from roughly 97,000 applicants to over 204,000 from last year.

Joel Wincowski, Deputy to the Chancellor for Enrollment explained one reason why.

“Every admissions office put out information on free application weeks to all their prospective students as well as the list of names we have here at SUNY,” Wincowski said.

Students were able to apply to up to five schools for free, saving up to $250.

“I have no doubt enrollment is going to go up significantly throughout SUNY at nearly every institution that we have,” Wincowski said.

SUNY just recently launched an out-of-state tuition match program and is teaming up with UConn, UMass, Rutgers, Penn State, University of Illinois, University of Californina, Berkeley, University of New Hampshire, and the University of Vermont.

“We’ll use Albany as an example,” Wincowski said. “So Albany would be right around 25,000+ in tuition for an out-of-state student from Connecticut, New Jersey, all the states that were mentioned. You can come to Albany for the same price of U-Conn or Rutgers which might be $19,000 and Albany will give the aid to offset that cost to bring it down to 19 rather than a student paying the $25,000 in fees.”

That’s not the only new SUNY initiative this year.

“Say you applied to two SUNY schools, and you didn’t get into either of those schools. Then we have a system in place where you will then be accepted to three institutions within the SUNY system,” Wincowski said. “So it will give you the opportunity to go look at those schools, choose which one you want to attend, and for those schools to begin to recruit you to enroll you in their institutions.”