Rochester, N.Y. (WROC) – A body was found Sunday morning in the Erie Canal near The College at Brockport. 

The call came at 2:30 am — a 23-year-old Brockport senior had reportedly jumped into the Erie Canal near a 70-foot lock and disappeared.  Police say it doesn’t appear he intended to harm himself.

“This time it’s under investigation– it appears he was there to go in the water,” said Brockport Police Sgt. Paul Wheat. 

After getting the 911 call, deputies and campus police couldn’t find him. It wasn’t until about five hours later when he was pulled from the water.

“This morning with the assistance of the scuba team – that person was… found. Approximately 8:00 in the morning,” said Wheat. 

The news has shocked students the College at Brockport – a community that has faced tragic student deaths in recent years.

“It’s sad to see students, people that you could see — one of your friends, you know, partying with last night,” said Brockport student Jim Bearor. “It’s tough to deal with.” 

While the medical examiner continues the investigation into the cause of death, police are interviewing the two friends who were with the student when he died.  Officials don’t suspect foul play.

“People do tend to jump in the canal, different times of day — you know, it’s not allowed,” Wheat stated. 

With graduation scheduled for this weekend, the timing only enhances the pain of a life cut short.

“Everyone is flying real high, having a great time and then something brings you back down, real sobering,” Bearor said.